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Curtin University

External Students

Are you enrolled as an external student?

Find out how to arrange your external examinations.

Many of Curtin University's courses and units can be studied externally via the Distance Education program.

At the commencement of each study period you will receive a Plan or Unit Outline for each unit in which you are enrolled. The Plan will contain information on the assessment method of the unit.

Units may be assessed by:

  • Continuous assessment;
  • Examinations run by the teaching Schools; or
  • Centrally scheduled examinations run in the formal two week examination periods in June and October/November. The Examinations Office is responsible for facilitating the centrally scheduled examinations during the formal examination period.

If you reside within the metropolitan area you will be required to sit your centrally scheduled examinations at Curtin University, Bentley campus. If you reside further than 60 kilometres from the Bentley campus you will be allocated to a Recognised Examination Centre (REC)*. If you reside further than 60 kilometres from an REC you may nominate an alternative supervisor and venue for your examination.

Detailed information regarding your examinations will be advised by the Examinations Office. The information will include:

  • the examination which has been centrally scheduled;
  • the designated venue and supervisor;
  • the date of the examination;
  • supervision costs, which in most cases are covered by the University.

Please note that if an examination is scheduled on a Saturday or on an interstate public holiday and the REC is unable to facilitate the examination on that day, you may sit the examination, on agreement with the REC, on the day prior to what has been advised. Please advise the Examinations Office if this circumstance occurs.

Special examination arrangements can be made for those students with medical conditions or disabilities. Please contact a Disability Advisor for further information about this.

During April for first semester and September for second semester, the Examinations Office will forward to all external students enrolled in a centrally scheduled examination an Official Communication via OASIS to inform them of their examination details.

Should advice not be received from the Examinations Office by April 30 or September 30, please contact the Examinations Office immediately.

* Recognised examination centre (REC) - an organisation/location pre-approved by Curtin University to facilitate an external examination.

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